Welcome to RTVS

Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS) is a merger of two media - public service radio and television of Slovakia. The television section of RTVS is a full format TV broadcasting on two programme channels: Jednotka (channel One) and Dvojka (channel Two). It supports film projects of various genres by means of co-productions, e.g. Comeback, Láska na vlásku (Love in Your Soul), 7 zhavranelých bratov (The Seven Ravens), Všetky moje deti (All My Children) and many others. Broadcasting of the first programme channel: Jednotka (channel One) focuses primarily on its own production along with contemporary European and world film and series production, but also on European drama co-production projects. Broadcasting of the second programme channel: Dvojka (channel Two) gives priority to the presentation of art cinematography and documentary films. This broadcast content is unique on the Slovak territory.
To gain access to the full details about all programmes in our catalogue, please send your request to sales@rtvs.sk